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    In our Ask A Woman interview series, Julie Etchingham talks to women from all walks of life about their experiences and the advice they would offer to young women today. To be notified of new episodes, click this link to subscribe: bit.ly/2lOHmNj
    In this, our first episode, Julie speaks to former EU trade negotiator and international trade lawyer Miriam González Durántez.
    In the interview, Ms González Durántez says Theresa May has made an 'unforgivable' mistake in her negotiations with the EU which has weakened Britain unnecessarily.
    Ms González Durántez, who was born in Spain and now lives in London, said that as the mother of three British children, she found Theresa's May approach 'worrying'. She is married to the former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who served as deputy prime minister in the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government between 2010-2015 under Mrs May's predecessor David Cameron.
    As a European living in the UK - and therefore unable to vote in the EU referendum - she feels "nothing has changed but everything has changed."
    Speaking about the women's rights campaign #MeToo, Ms González Durántez said the only thing she had to say 'thank you' to President Trump for was his election helped spark the movement.
    Ms González Durántez, who is the founder of a charity called Inspiring Girls, which links up professional women to mentor schoolgirls around the world, also spoke about the lack of self-confidence in young teenage girls around the world, which she said is shocking and a big surprise.
    She also shares with us the three women she finds most inspiring.
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